Friday, July 11, 2008

I Wanna be a Jellyfish!

A great week. It started with a great ride last Saturday with Timo at McDowell's competitive course. I singlespeeded it and we enjoyed excellent trail conditions. Even though Timo wasn't feeling his best, we still hooked it up pretty well. The highlight of the ride was the two guys we met who told us everything right and wrong with our bikes and bikes in general. Wow. I didn't realize that there is still so much to learn and that I am just an ignorant boob. As an aside, Timo's wife, Rebecca, runs the course almost as fast as we ride it. Fantastiche!!!

I have been wanting to start doing Triathlons but a lack of swimming skills (read: the skills of a Coconut Cream Pie, which probably floats better than I do) has prevented me. So, I took the plunge (pun intended) and went to the first swimming lesson of my life the Sunday past. I had emailed or left voice mails for four different coaches since March and had not ever received the courtesy of even a, "Sorry, we train only the beautiful and fit" reply. (One of these coaches replied to Amy within 24 hours, for me it's been 6 weeks and no response to phone call and email. But I am not bitter) Gold Medal Swimming in Chandler was finally interested in teaching me. I wonder if my friends, Jackson, Lincoln, and Franklin were beautiful enough for them to decide to let me join. I originally wanted private lessons because I am easily embarassed (too many 3 fingered Moments) but joined a group class in desperation. I arrived and found I was one of two students so it is essentially a private class. Hopefully I will be done with the Baby and Me 2 class in a couple of weeks so I can progress to the Jellyfish, Starfish then Seahorse levels. I have to be careful, they'll charge me $100 if I have a "fecal accident" since I am not wearing approved swim diapers. The first lesson was a success except for one nervous moment. As I was laying on my back floating I noticed a gentleman with a peg leg sharpening a harpoon.

My buddy , Darrell, and I also started Yoga classes on Wednesday before work. What a hoot. Four older, out of shape dudes with a ravishing young instructor (and she called us "kids"). When I saw the four of us in the mirrored walls trying to hold the Warrior One position while being "cool", I could have peed my pants. I learned quite a bit about breathing, flexibility, being centered, and the importance of wearing a shirt that is long enough so that when one's arms are above their head, a dark, hairy belly doesn't pop out. Not that I witnessed this happening. but I can imagine that it could be very disturbing and gross.

Because of the Yoga, I was in a very peaceful state the entire day until I started imagining what it would feel like to be walking to the mailbox, feel something squirming between my toes, look down and see a big bug , kick off my sandal while shrieking like a little girl, all this in front of the neighbors, and finally realize that it was a wadded up piece of string. I just imagined the humiliation and was thankful that such an incident has not happened to me.

And to finish the work week on a high note, I took the Soulcraft out for a Friday afterwork fast blast on Desert Classic. Sweet.

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