Monday, July 28, 2008

Speedy One Day, Sluggo the Next

You know you are having a 3 Fingered moment when you pass a Highway Patrolman doing 72mph in a 55mph zone and don't even see him. Fortunately, he saw the humor in the situation and let me off with a warning. (Maybe it was the hint of cleavage I gave him). I am actually glad he stopped me. If I am so preoccupied that I speed by a police officer, I deserve the ticket. If not for breaking the posted speed limit, at least for being a moron.

I did the final Picacho Peak 20k TT of the season yesterday. Don Mehado and crew really put on a great event. I was satisfied with my performance. I cut 2 minutes/20 secs from my last effort and didn't even put out a 100% effort since I was saving myself for the afternoon swim lesson. Even so, I still got smoked by the majority of riders there, but the time difference from last race shrank. Next year, on to the 40k event.

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