Saturday, July 12, 2008

We Meet At 7:00, Give or Take 40 Minutes

Wow. It is officially monsoon season here in Arizona. The humidity level has really kicked up. I felt it during today's ride at McDowell. I went through 53 ounces of water in only 90 minutes of riding and then went through a large Gatorade afterwards. It's a good thing I stopped drinking alcohol since I am sure if I had more than only two Stella Artois last night I would have been in bigger trouble today.

I found out about the ride at 6:40 this morning when I checked emails. Fred emailed last night at 10:45pm that he and the ASM crew would be at McDowell at 7:00 to ride. That gave me 20 minutes to get ready and drive there. Considering it takes 40-45 minutes to drive there from my house I almost didn't go. But, since everyone is usually late I wasn't too worried about not being able to catch up by half way through the long loop. I got there at 7:30 (still stopped and got a coffee and bagel for the drive) and saw that Lee was the only one there. Fred, Chris, and Ahmad showed up about 15 minutes after I did. Gee, I'm glad I didn't rush.

Even after the big storm on Thursday the track was in incredible shape and the tires were really hooking up. The pace started off a little bit fast for my old legs, especially being the only one on a singlespeed, so the short grinds hurt. But after I warmed up I was able to get to the front, keep the legs spinning, and pull away on the climbs. If Cesar or Keir had been there I am sure they would have kept the speed up and the "Ihatemylifeometer" would have been pegged.

I find it amusing that, lately, during every ride, road or mountain bike, we meet some wingnut(s) that has to make what he/she think is a witty, but ends up being a condescending, remark. Today's comment came from a older lady that rode through as we took a break to regroup at the top of the only tough climb on the long loop. I can't remember exactly what it is she said but it pissed me off My brain was moving too slow to come back with a decent riposte so all I could do is mutter, "Oh yeah?"

Soon the humidity took its it toll and the last couple of miles were not too much fun since I had gone through all my water. I must have still been dehydrated form yesterday's after work ride.

I have to say that any ride beats sitting on the couch watching TV. And all the riders out there today, including Smart Ass Woman, must have agreed. The place was packed.

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