Monday, July 7, 2008

Open Mouth, Insert Foot, Repeat As Required

What better way to to start off the July 4 weekend than with a true "Three-Fingered-Moment." A moment of such Three Fingeredness that after four days I can finally speak rationally of it.

It is amazing how one can make a stupid statement in public and then continue to add to the embarassment even with full mental warning alarms going off. "WHOOP-WHOOP...Danger...danger...Idiot moment approaching." I was speaking with a co-worker on Thursday afternoon, just before quitting time. We were talking about a 5k race I had run the weekend before and I made a comment about how "this really, really old guy kicked my butt. He had to be at least 60." My co-worker gave me a smile and to my chagrin I remembered that he happens to be 60. Well in a instant of pure genius I tried to save myself with, "But, don't worry, you look great for your shape." Oops. Well, if you're going to screw up in public, you might as well make it memorable.

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Anna said...

When you repeat, do you have to switch feet?