Saturday, June 28, 2008

Running Sucks But Running at 7000 Feet Sucks More

I'm whining. I went to Flagstaff (yet again) and ran the Northland Hospice 5k. I felt really good for the first mile but when I tried to pick up the pace, my lowland habituated lungs failed and I was barely able to finish. When a 400lb monk in his cassock and sandals sprinted past me with 100 meters to go, I couldn't even respond. I finished 30 seconds slower than last year. *whine* What added to the discomfort was having to pee as soon as I started running. Hey, there's my excuse....

I love watching people run. It is amazing to see someone who looks like a goofball standing still just fly with a beautiful, natural style. Others run with the Marvin the Martian stride. They don't bend their knees, they just move their feet back and forth at a very high rate of speed. I, myself, use the "Stick-Up-The-Butt" technique. It looks awkward, but has the advantage of keeping the competition in stitches from laughing so they lose a bit of speed. I have to use what God's given me. In this case, fortunately, a sense of humor about my lack of running style and/or skill.

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Anna said...

I've seen you run after a bottle of wine (whine?) with great ease! The grapes were shaking in their boots at your grace and focus.