Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Thing a Thong of Thixspence

It's been a good week. A couple of great rides and a good run. I took advantage of having to work in Flag deliver a bike to triathlete extraordinaire, Amy, which she commissioned me to build for her. I think she thought she was getting Michelangelo to paint her the Sistine Chapel but got instead one of those guys that draws the awful caricatures at the county fair. It did turn out to be a very sweet build, though.
It felt good when I came back down the hill to the valley and there was a wonderful smell of rain in the air. Monsoon season is just around the corner and I can't wait. It's my favorite time of year.
I had another "three finger moment" when the car cassette adaptor for my iPod died on the drive up to Flagstaff. I was seriously bummed and tried all the usual tactics to get it to work. Ejecting it and reinserting it 40 times. Staring at it and willing it to start working. Banging it against the car dash. Pleading, crying, throwing my fists to the sky in frustration, and cursing the fates. The one thing I didn't try was to check was the volume setting on the iPod. Somehow it had rubbed against something while driving and turned itself to the minimum setting. Oops.
I do rest assured that at least I am not in the position of being ridiculed nationally for having my thong's rhinestone clip pop off and hit me in the eye as did a 50 something traffic control/parking enforcer in LA. I read in the news that she is now suing Victoria's Secret for pain and suffering. I could not believe that she and her lawyer were interviewed on the Today show about this horrendous and debilitating incident. Ah, the quality of the American news agencies. The media made a big deal about her age which to me is not fair. There are many 50 year old women who I know would look quite ravishing in a thong ( I couldn't get away with it, it'd look like a rubberband on a potato) The best quote was by her attorney, "Her life is changed forever." I know mine is changed forever. I'll never look at another meter attendant in the same way again. I'll always be wondering what they are wearing under their alluring uniforms as they place a ticket under the windshield wiper with a certain "come-hither" manner. I am sure that someone in Congress is going to convene a panel to investigate this danger to the unsuspecting public. Super models will be called as witnesses and to display the offending garments. Soon the goverment will require all thongs to come with a warning label. WARNING: IMPROPER USE OF THIS ITEM MAY LEAD TO SERIOUS INJURY TO EYES OR GOOD TASTE
I met a meter maid wearing a thong
and parked my hand where it did not belong
she told me to stick it
and threatened a ticket
unless I'd keep moving along

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Anna said...

This is classic "three fingered" stuff. This is why you blog. The poem is excellent and the set up is wonderful!!! You need to share this one at the group.