Sunday, June 8, 2008

A perfect weekend

What can I say except that this was one of the best weekends in a long time. Yep, it was! Sigh...I'll be smiling for quite a while.....I hope this doesn't mean that this upcoming week stinks.

Went back up to Flag for a nice long road ride in gale force winds. Fortunately my weight prevented me from being blown off the road. Amy, being a light weight (pun intended) suffered. Others didn't seem to be that affected by the wind. All this fun was followed by lunch at Mountain Oasis. The Shitake rolls are awesome. My falafel plate was comme ci, comme ca. The Lemon Tart at Macy's for dessert was worth the drive. There's more, but not enough room to describe it. Suffice it to say I got home at 1:45am. Now, that's a good time!!!!

On Sunday I subbed for the regular bass player, at Oasis Community Church, who couldn't play. I hadn't played in almost two years, but it all came back quickly. I really hit the groove in practice but what Three Fingered experience can pass without at least one embarassing moment. I was flying through the opening song during the service, but I couldn't hear anything through the amp. Yep, I got half way through the song before realizing that the amp was off. What a Gaboik. I should be happy that I only had the one major faux pas. Usually, there are quite a few more. The regular bass player happened to show up and I have never seen anyone so not worried about being shown up by the replacement. But he did say that the part where my amp was off was the best bass playing he had ever heard.


Anna said...

Ok, so the regular bass player shows up? Like, why did they need a fill-in if he was present? Did he have a late night and planned to attend but knew his fingers would not be ready?

He probably told the group after your performance, "If I'd have known I didn't have to turn on the amp, I would have played anyway."

Frank said...

He had a stomach problem that required surgery and meant he couldn't rest a bass against it. The surgery left quite an indentation. The joke now is that he really is "Holy".