Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tomorrow Is Another Three Fingered Day

I started the build on Tate's wife's mountain bike today. The only new parts are the rear wheel, rear derailleur and shifters. Everything else came from the parts bin. The frame had a trashed bottom bracket shell but Tate and I managed to get the threads clean enough to install a bottom bracket. It's coming along and it should be ready by tomorrow night. Pics will follow when the build is done.

It's hot in the garage, though. 109 DegF!!! As you can see Jack is prepared for the weather.
I am reminded of a song by the Dusty Chaps:
"It's 110 in Gila Bend in Buckeye it's a 102. Summer's here and I just can't find a way to stop lovin' you"

I had another "three fingered moment" today but the pain from hitting my finger with a rubber mallet drove it from my mind.

My legs are still sore from yesterday’s run
Mashing my finger today was not much more fun
Scarlett O’Hara did say
"Tomorrow’s another day"
“Really?”, is my response to you, moron.

I actually had someone say "tomorrow's another day" to me earlier in the week after they were complaining about some trivial matter (unlike my trivial matters which are extremely important). I am constantly amazed at the pseudo-philosophical platitudes that people live by. "Tomorrow's another day?" I would certainly hope so. How about, "Everyday is today some day?" Or, "Yesterday was another day?" I have always felt better when someone says, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." Wow. That's profound. Especially to the condemned man on the gallows. The one song from the musical Annie that I always detested is "Tomorrow." You bet your bottom dollar I do. The Romans had a more realistic view of "today" which they put on epitaphs, "hodie mihi, cras tibi." Today to me, tomorrow to you. In other words, "Maybe I'm having a three fingered moment today, but tomorrow it'll be you." Well....I took some liberties with that paraphrase.

Maybe I shouldn't be too snooty because of the poor quality of the little poems I throw in this blog. When I can write like Ogden Nash, then I can be judgemental. But to end my little rant I will quote from a real philosopher, somebody who has a clear and consise vision of change. I give you.....Snoopy: "Yesterday I was a dog. Today I'm a dog. Tomorrow I'll probably still be a dog. Sigh! There's so little hope for advancement." You can actually use that line for anything or anyone. For example, William Shatner. "Yes...terday...I...was...William Shatner. Today....I'm....William Shatner...Tomorrow...I'll probably Shatner. Sigh! There's so..little hope... to be Leonard..Nimoy."

Yesterday I had a three fingered moment, today I had a three fingered moment and tomorrow I'll probably still have a three fingered moment. Sigh! There's so little hope for getting a fourth finger.

Now that I have finished frothing at the mouth with my holier-than-thou attitude, I admit that I, perchance, may have over reacted a bit. It'll be better tomorrow.

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