Friday, May 30, 2008

A Hot Tamale at Chili's Today

I have been helping my friend, Anna, trace back some of her family in the Moselle region of France. Based upon some info she found, I discovered some names and dates that made us think we could add a few generations to her tree. Unfortunately, while verifying the information we found some new data that may make the hours of work we already did worthless. But, in the long run accuracy is paramount and verification of sources and data extremely important. That is the joy and aggravation in genealogical research. Sometimes you make a breakthrough and sometimes you waste your time. But, it is still an incredibly enjoyable and satisfying pastime. I don't have any problem admitting I was wro..wroooon....wr..wrr..wrrong. Okay, okay, I'm frustrated. I admit it. Not because of the wasted work but because I thought I was so smart. What a boob.......

Speaking of boobs, embarrassing moment of the week was spilling half of a mug of ice cold water on my shirt and lap at lunch while witnessing a young lady sitting across from me accidently reveal a bosom to her friend. This is at Chili’s…lunch hour…crowded restaurant. I was shocked (shocked I tell you) and appalled. I had to keep checking to make sure she didn’t do it again. Fortunately for her modesty, my “oops” action drew the attention of adjoining tables away from her social faux pas and torwards myself. I am such a gentleman (and a pitiful boob). Anybody who knows me is probably not surprised.

In sad news, the illustrious Harvey Korman passed away. What a class act and comedian he was. He is best known as playing the incomparable villain, Hedley Lamarr in Blazing Saddles.

I drink to you, Harvey, wherever you are
You were a favorite, a genius, a comedic star
You’ve passed from our midst
You’ll be sorely missed
No one else could be Hedy (it’s Hedley) Lamarr

Since it is the weekend, the big question is do I ride the Soulcraft or do I blow the dust off the S-Works Epic and do a multispeed ride? Decisions, decisions.


Anna said...

I like the font color changes between the story and poem for your format on the last two blogs. Harvey will be missed. I am sad that the younger generation does not even know what they missed. I really liked when the Carol Burnett Show was in prime time and all of the cast would be trying not to crack up during an episode. Only Christopher Guest and company come close to that kind of ensemble.

Anna said...

No comment on your luncheon excursion.