Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Platypus Genome Project and French Fries

For years the platypus had biologists perplexed
Its genetic weirdness had them vexed
Having cracked its genome
They can now go home
To seek relief from their Platypus complex

Actually the only question I have regarding the Platypus is to ask whether the plural is "Platypi", "Platypuses", or "Platypodes?"

In other news, Austria and Switzerland are sharing this year's Eurocup football tourney (Allez Les Bleus, Allez France!!!!!) The big scandal is there may not be enough potatoes in Helvetia to feed football fans starving for their pommes frites. I know it's bad enough when the beer runs out, but no french fries? Heaven forbid. They may actually lift importation restrictions on potatoes.

Took the Soulcraft single speed out to the competion track at McDowell today for a nice long ride. I absolutely love this bike. The S-Works is gathering dust and gives me a plaintive look each time I walk by it. No, I don't feel guilty....much. Did a couple of laps of the sport/tech loop to warm-up. Hoped to see Timo and crew show but ended up riding solo. Finished with another sport/tech loop then long loop before heading back to the hacienda for a Negre Modelo in an effort to carbo load. Truth be told, I still feel a little under the weather but any ride is better than sitting at home moaning. I do have to confess, that I fell off the vegetarian wagon yesterday and wolfed down a couple liverwurst sandwiches which did my head and energy no good. Looking forward to meeting Keir tomorrow and riding up South Mountain on the road bikes. He has a beautiful Indy Fab Crown Jewel which I always drool over.

Went to the writer's group tonight and it was one of the most productive meetings we have had. Probably because I had nothing to share except the existance of this blog. I fear for my compatriots' sanity if they happen to wander here.

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