Monday, May 5, 2008

The New Blog Smell

My first entry. It still has that wonderful new-blog smell. I am sure if I stick with this, in a few months it will have the perfume of a ’56 Buick that has been sitting behind a gas station in Gila Bend for the past 30 years. It is an odor that is a combination of rotting upholstering, rusted metal, body odor, and animal droppings. In actuality, it will smell like most of my writing. The first question I asked myself in partaking of this journey is why? Only a couple of close friends and maybe some family will ever wander here. And, only as a pity visit to build up my ego. However, I will shamelessly place links to some of my friends’ blogs or websites. These are sites that have interesting things to say and just mentioning them will add value to my spot.

I will also brazenly pander to (visit Value Meals on the Volga) some of my favorite things… bicycles, books, beer, music, genealogy, etc ….

I had to travel to Flagstaff for work today and brought the Pegoretti Duende up for a nice “after work” ride along Lake Mary road.
Even with the wind, it was just great to be out riding in the high country. And, unlike the majority of “racer types” down in Chandler/Tempe/Phoenix area, riders up here actually wave when they ride by in the other direction. Unfortunately, coming down the bumpy road from the NOPI observatory is not the time or place to realize my headset was slightly loose. A quick fix, though, and all was right with the world, especially since the day ended with a quick trip to Little Thai Kitchen with Amy for the #15 before the long drive down the hill to the valley.

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