Monday, December 22, 2008

Another 3 Finger Moment and Other Stuff

I went to the post office to mail a couple of letters and somehow found myself at the drive through book return at the library read to dump the letters. Fortunately I caught myself in time. I wish I could say that weighty matters caused me to make this mistake, but no, just a Three Fingered Moment.

I've heard some grief from male co-workers and friends about my last post that refers to a study showing French men require the largest condoms in Europe. These people say that the French lied, or exaggerated, the size of their, um, assets. I disagree. When I mentioned that the average size was claimed to be only six inches, almost invariably everyone replied with, "Well, that's a size Small here in the U.S. of A." Who's exaggerating now I ask?

The Colon and Rectal Center of Arizona has either the best or worst name ever for their website. The logo is Kokopelli's cousin blowing into....well you just need to see it yourself. Kudos for their imagination. I am tempted to run away with this, but I am sure I would be told to just blow it out my @$$.

Here is a picture of the newest addition to the household, Stella Fitzgerald. She is an adoption and has quickly made herself the queen of the house, if not the globe.

I finally took my first run since being sick at Thanksgiving. The first 100 meters were smashing. The rest of the run was a complete suffer-fest. I am turning into a complete weenie. I better get cracking with the training. Keir signed us up for a Duo in February's 24 Hour of Old Pueblo. I stunk up both 24 hours I did this year and don't want that trend to continue.


Anna said...

Stella is gorgeous so I can see why she is queen of your household. How is Hoagy doing?

As far as the comments from your co-workers, you have to remember the industry you work in.

And, as far as distractions which caused you to try to mail your letters at the library, at least you did not talk back to a voice mail message and expect a response, or press one on your keyboard when you meant to press one on your telephone. Sanity is overrated anyway.

Frank said...

Stella demurely says, "Meow." as a thank you for your compliment. Hoagy is insanely jealous and is doing anything he can to make sure that all my attention goes to him.

I understand your comment about my industry. Being in construction is very compatible with the condom industry subject considering we both deal with erections.