Friday, November 21, 2008

Why Cable TV?

The cable TV box died and went to Digital Heaven. Its demise was preceded by its freezing of the screen every five seconds then coming back to life after 10 seconds and then repeating the cycle again. After trying a reboot, the cable box flatlined and a new one was necessary. The replacement works great but even with 180 cable stations the programming still sucks and I find myself always reading a good book for entertainment instead. (Does a Donald Duck comic qualify as high literature? Carl Barks' four-color covers from the '50s for Comics and Stories and Uncle Scrooge do qualify as high art, though. Look him up. But I digress) All this begs the question, why have TV at all?


Anna said...

Why have tv at all? Only for a musical background. Only for the remote sense of community that sharing 180 channels can bring. Only for the World Series and the Super Bowl. Is it worth $30-$50 a month? Probably not in these economic times. A visit to the library offers more intellectual impetus than any show not on PBS.

Frank said...

Your observations are well taken. My sense of "remote" community comes from being like thousands of others whose remain frozen to the sofa watching QVC after the cat has knocked the remote under the sofa and am too lazy to retrieve it.