Saturday, October 18, 2008

Does A Bell Ring Every Time A Pinkie Gets Its Wings?

A news item that has been making the rounds the past few days involves a young football player at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado, named Trevor Wilke. It seems that Mr Wilke badly hurt his pinkie during a practice seesion and was told by doctors that it would require surgery and with four months of recovery, he was done for the season. AS a senior, this would effectively end his career. "No way,"said the brave Wilke. "I can't let the team down. Cut it off." So now I raise a toast to young Trevor who has joined the hallowed ranks of those with three fingered hands.

Rick Reilly, the famous sports writer, commented that Trevor's team mates now say "High Four!" when a good play is made. How cute. My grandson said the same thing to me when he was four years old . The best line in Reilly's piece was "Trevor only has one regret. The doctor didn't give him the finger. " My surgeon, Dr. Hand (no joke on his name), gave me the finger. That's when he caught me riding the motorcycle to a check up. Definitely verbotin.

Anyway, Mr. Trevor, I trust you will enjoy the life of the digitally challenged and though I am pleased you have joined our ranks, I hope you bring honor to your pinkie who now resides in Pinkie Valhalla.

O’ what does a finger think
upon the loss of a brethren digit?
Does its sorrows drown in a drink?
Does it worry or does it fidget?
Does it it cry “Oh the humanity”
And fret for its fingery sanity?

It might feel it is really fine
that another has gone a-missing
It might look around and opine
with a sniff, “I am not distressing”
Adding “I think we all agree
'Twasn't it good it was not me?”

Some say the remainder sing
A song of the missing pinkie
And what the future does bring
Be it good or be it kinky
I think they do intertwine
And all sing “Now we are nine”

One more thing, Mr. Wilke, as you look back upon this in the future, there is no smart way to lose a body part, but keep laughing about it.


Anna said...

I would never sacrifice a pinkie that required surgery, senior year or not. I realize teamwork does not contain the letter "I" but there are a lot of injuries in football season. What kind of precedent does this set? What about groin injuries? Has he really considered that his teammates may not do the same for him?
I wish him the best, but I mourn for a pinkie which could have been saved.

Frank said...

We must never mention "groin injury" again. I shudder at the thought.